Last Planet Standing

01/31/2013 // Comics

The 2006, 5-issue series, Last Planet Standing, takes place in the MC2 Universe (an alternate future in the Marvel Universe that went through several series from 1998 – 2008). This story was originally intended to be the ending of the MC2 Universe, but after complaints of the fans and the success of this book, the ending was changed and the universe was spared.

3 comic book coverse featuring Galactus.

Covers to Last Planet Standing issues 1, 2, and 5.

The story begins with Galactus going through the universe destroying entire galaxies and collecting gods (Thor, the Elders of the universe, etc.) and other cosmic artifacts. We learn that he is not just consuming planets as usual, but as he explains: ”Since time immemorial I have been trapped in an eternal cycle of seeking and consuming energy. Now thanks to a recently birthed star – Galactus will be FREE! I can finally evolve to the next level.”

Galactus and his herald, Dominas The Wavemaster, eventually arrive on earth where the world devourer begins assembling a machine that is different than the one he usually uses to devour planets. This machine is called and Excavatron and he plans to use it to combine the energy of the earth with the energy he’s been collecting and blast it all into a new-born star, which will implode, destroying this universe and creating a new Big Bang.

Picture of the herald of Galactus flying through space.

Dominas The Wavemaster, herald of Galactus.

When earth’s heroes try to thwart his plans, Galactus summons an army of Punishers to fight them off.

Galactus and an army of Punishers.

An army of Punishers.

Reed sends out a signal to the Silver Surfer who comes to help in the fight. He eventually defeats Dominas and takes his Power Cosmic and then confronts his former master.

Galactus operating a large machine.

Galactus and his fancy-schmancy Excavatron.

At the end, the heroes are successful at reversing Galactus’ energy ray and turn it back around on the world eater. As Galactus is about to die, the Surfer comes to his rescue and envelopes the both of them into a “protective cocoon of ethereal force.” And when the cocoon is ultimately reopened, Galactus and the Silver Surfer have merged into a new being (who looks like a large silver Galactus with a surfboard) which possesses a new form of energy called the “Power Essential“, which he uses to repair all the damage which was done to earth before heading out into the cosmos , stating “From this day forward, I will devote my life to being a builder of worlds and a guardian of life. Across the cosmos shall I journey, transforming dead planets into bearers of life and joy.”

A silver Galactus riding a giant silver surfboard.

The merging of Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

I liked this story despite not being much of a fan of the MC2 Universe. I especially liked Galactus’ plan and the merging of the surfer with his former master. I thought that was a fun new idea and I’d really like to see more of that new character. It was written by Tom Defalco with nice art by Pat Olliffe.

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