January 7, 2012 // Axl Rose: Hungry Time Traveler

I guess I never paid too much attention to this famous picture of construction workers on their lunch break while building the RCA Building in New York City. But I wasn’t surprised when I took a closer look at this photo the other day and saw what appears to be a young Axl Rose (4th from the right) enjoying a box of hot buttered popcorn. Not surprised because it really only makes sense that if there is a great moment in history where he knows there’s going to be lunch, of course Axl Rose, the hungry time traveler, is going to be there.

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  1. Eric Cantu 2 years ago Reply

    As I read this blog I begin to wonder if he is time traveling because he’s hungry, or hungry because he’s time travelling..

    And I find that the logical answer is “yes”.

  2. predatator 2 years ago Reply

    4th from the right.

  3. You’re right. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous 2 years ago Reply

    This is awesomely funny.. thanks

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