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Herald Of Galactus: Silver Surfer

October 10, 2012 // No Comments

FIRST APPEARANCE: Fantastic Four #48

art by Jack Kirby

Norrin Radd was native to the planet Zenn-La, home to a race of long-lived humanoids. He was the son of Jartan and Elmar Radd, both of whom committed suicide in his youth. His virtually lifelong companion was Shalla-Bal. Zenn-La’s population was content to live in idle hedonism, while Norrin sought fulfillment in quests, yearning, and conquest. When Galactus came to Zenn-La, Norrin pleaded with him to save his world, offering in exchange to become his herald and find him constant sources of nourishment. Galactus agreed, transforming Norrin into the Silver Surfer. Over time, as suitable uninhabited planets became more difficult to find, Galactus altered his persona so that the sacrifice of other races would not weigh upon his conscience. (from Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four)

After leading Galactus to Earth he met the Fantastic Four and Alecia Masters and eventually convinced him to betrayed his master who in return, exiled him to Earth. He has since been in and out of the service of Galactus several times.

POWERS WEAPONS: (from Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four)

  • Power cosmic enabling him to navigate space, hyperspace, and other dimensions upon his virtually indestructible board.
  • Vast Strength, virtually indestructible, warp speed travel
  • Restructure and animate matter, heal living beings, transmute elements
  • Analyze/manipulate all forms of matter


Herald Of Galactus: Fallen One

October 5, 2012 // One Comment

FIRST APPEARANCE: Thanos #11 (2004)

(from the Annihilation: Nova Corps Files)

BACKGROUND: Long before the Silver Surfer [Zenn-Lavian], Galactus’ first herald was the Fallen One; recruited/created under unknown circumstances, his true name was forgotten over the millennia. Eventually, the Fallen One was cast out by Galactus, possibly for his naturally corrupt, power hungry, and violent nature. The Fallen One was imprisoned many times over many centuries , upon each escape it immediately targeted Galactus, who always defeated him.

NATURAL ABILITIES: The Fallen One has cosmic Powers befitting those of a herald of Galactus; his nearly inexhaustible power source is black matter, the “blinding halo by which galaxies are made solvent.” He can survive without food or water, in the vacuum of space or in hyperspace. He can fly at trans-light speeds, can access hyperspace, has superhuman strength, and can fire devastating energy blasts. The Fallen One is violent and dangerously insane.