Marvel Two-In-One #100

February 24, 2012 // Comics

Marvel Two-In-One #100 isn’t really a Galactus comic book, it’s really basically a What If? issue that tells the story of what happens in a universe where Galactus was never stopped from consuming the earth.

There are a couple differences between this universe and ours – in this universe Ben Grimm was healed of his being the Thing, therefore when Galactus came, he was unable to help. Also in this universe Galactus didn’t have a herald – therefore they didn’t have the surfer’s help in fighting him off. Galactus pretty easily defeated the FF and the Avangers (minus Captain America – who was also never found due to there being no Thing)…

It shows Galactus’ machine converting the oceans into pure energy and leaving the earth behind as a barren wasteland…

In this universe, what is left of the United States (and maybe the whole earth?) is a Nazi state run and ruled over by Red Skull and the only hope they have of overthrowing the tyrant is a team-up with the Thing from our world and the Ben Grim native to that world.

It’s a great story scripted by John Bryne and penciled by Ron Wilson. I really enjoyed it and I am pretty sure I bought it for less than $2, so you should definitely get yourself a copy.

Also check out this crazy picture of the World Trade Center (now Red Skull’s base of opperations…

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