Galactus The Devourer

March 14, 2012 // Comics

When I first heard that Galactus had his very own six issue mini-series in 1999-2000, I was excited… If we’re going to get some insight into this wonderful character, surely it will be here in his very own solo book. This book just had to be great.

Well I was wrong. Galactus The Devourer was actually pretty forgettable – in fact Galactus isn’t even in it all that much.

In this story Galactus has pretty much become a crazy addict. He’s started feeding on the life force on the surface of planets rather than on the energy within the core of the planets. But the life force isn’t very filling and leaves him hungry and needing to eat again immediately. The book starts out with Galactus’ eating spree bringing him back to earth.

The surfer fights off Galactus’ current herald (The Red Shift) and ultimately ends up saving the earth again by promising to be Galactus’ new herald… again.

The Red Shift:

On his journey, the surfer runs into a ship full of Kree warriors who convince him that the only hope of ever stopping Galactus is to lead him to the home world of the Shi’ar empire… the only beings in the universe who might actually be powerful enough to kill the world eater. And in the end they do (along with the help of earth’s heroes and the Kree)…

As I write it out, that doesn’t sound too bad. But it actually all played out in a pretty stupid and boring way. I was not impressed by Louise Simonson’s story or the art of John Bucema, Jon J Muth, and Bill Sienkiewicz (even though those are great artists whose work I normally enjoy). I did not enjoy reading Galactus as an addict and there was very little if any insight into his character. There weren’t even any particularly interesting events in this book at all. It’s not the worst Galactus comic I have ever read, but it is not one I would ever recommend anyone pick up. Though this was a pretty cool panel…

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